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The Ministry of Education have seven key principles that guide effective reporting and information sharing:

1. Ako (describes the teaching and learning relationship)

2. Focus and coverage (of learning across the curriculum)

3. Foundations for learning (progress and achievement in literacy, numeracy, key competencies and ‘learning-to-learn’ skills)

4. Student responsibility (to understand what they have learnt and what they need to focus on next)

5. Motivation (to understand and be involved in their own learning)

6. Technologies (to see the learning process and progress in real time)

7. Checking in with parents (so parents can understand where their child's learning is at and engage in supporting and encouraging them)

To enable this at our school we have chosen to implement the Seesaw Journal Learning App. This provides for:

● The mobile ability to see student learning in real time.

● Your child ownership of their learning

● The ability to interact and reply to comments made by your child and your child's teacher, in real time, around their learning.


MOE - Principles of effective reporting and information sharing

Click here to learn more about Seesaw

Click here to view - Seesaw at Lake Tekapo School - A Guide for Parents.

We welcome informal discussions about your child’s progress at any stage.

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