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Uniform Policy & Ordering



Students enrolled at Lake Tekapo School are required to wear the official school uniform.

This establishes a school indentity and a sense of belonging and supports the school in creating a sense of pride in being a Lake Tekapo student.


The Lake Tekapo school uniform has been chosen with four main objectives:


  • To ensure students look tidy and smart

  • To promote physical activity by being a comfortable uniform that is easy to run,play and climb in

  • To allow a degree of flexibility in the colder winter months when extra wool and/or thermal layers, snow clothing and snow boots are necessary

  • To be affordable


The uniform items are to be purchased through the approved providers as set out below.


All of the items are able to be purchased direct via our page on the NZ UNIFORMS website:

Click here to download Uniform Policy & Order Form. 

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