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Our Team

                   Simon Waymouth


                                 As a Teaching Principal the focus should always be about the “kids”.  Part of the balancing act in a small school is ensuring that what you                           say you’re doing is what you are actually doing and needs to be in sync. The Small School setting allows for this,  and it is a platform                                       to trial and implement different learning approaches that fall in line with current theory. Learning ultimately however requires “                                               getting amongst it” and putting actions to words,  which in turn encourages kids to be actively involved in their learning. The old                                             adage that you are only as good as the people next to you sits well for me and the philosophy of sport and teamwork are at the                                             centre of what we do. Whether this is students, parents or staff, it is the principles and values that underpin the real beliefs that                                               promote teamwork, goal setting, honesty, fairplay, competitiveness, perseverance and ultimately fun.  During my time as a                                                       Teacher and Principal one of the most important ingredients to a child’s learning is the importance the school and wider community                                       plays …………….. not only a successful school but also in developing lifelong learners.


                    Maria Roche


                                   With a sound background involved in English as a Second Language (ESOL) and a High School teaching background I bring a passion                                     for both pastoral care and actively supporting the individual needs of a learner.  I have a strong belief that there are more similarities                                     than differences. I am enjoying my time teaching here at Lake Tekapo School, and look forward to what the future brings here at                                             school.

                                   Libby Millar


                                    I would like to take the time to formally introduce myself to the Lake Tekapo School community.  My name is Miss Libby Millar and I                                        am pleased to have been appointed as the new teacher in the junior room.  I have a strong connection with Lake Tekapo having                                             spent many holidays down here growing up, so when I saw the opportunity to possibly join the community I jumped upon it.  My

                                    passion has always been working with children, from coaching, to nannying and now to teaching.  I have a strong commitment to                                            ensuring that I will be the best that I can be for your child and that their growth and learning is the main focus within the classroom.

                                    As well as building strong connections with you, the whanau.  I look forward to meeting you all next week, and am extremely 

                                    grateful to have been given this opportunity to join such a cool community and teach at a remarkable school.

                    Angela Marshall

                                  Mentor & Classroom Release Teacher

                                  Over the past twenty years I have had the privilege of working in three rural schools across the Mackenzie District and have                                                      undertaken a range of roles including; Teacher Aide, ORRS Teacher, Classroom Teacher, Principal, NZEI Representative and Board of                                        Trustees member (currently a Proprietor's Representative). I have a reignited passion for education, specifically in small rural schools. I                                    enjoy making connections with children and their families, developing partnerships and watching a child's learning journey as they                                          mature. I get joy from seeing a child grow in confidence and self belief as a learner. I find the professional role of a teacher                                                      invigorating and love learning from my colleagues. With over half of my career as a Year 0-3 teacher, I am enthusiastic about teaching                                    in Godley and feel honoured to be joining the team at Lake Tekapo School.

                                  Ngā manaakitanga

                                  Many Blessings

                    Jane Paton

                                  Office Manager/Learning Assistant

                                  Having previously worked in School Offices at Waitaki Valley School, Geraldine Primary and Geraldine High School, with a few other                                         office and accounting roles in between, I am lucky to be working here - it is definately the best office view that I have had! Living                                             on a sheep and beef farm at Haldon Road with my husband and animals, I have been a member of the St John Ambulance Service for                                     13 years.   I still run around the netball court, and I  am a bit of a fitness freak.  I have five children, which includes triplets, so life has                                       been very busy and had some interesting times along the way.                      

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