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Dog Symbolism

This monument was erected in 1968  by the run holders of the Mackenzie Country as a tribute to the Collie dog, without the help of which the grazing of this mountain country would be impossible. Links to the Legend of James Mackenzie in 1855 as he rustled them with his dog “Friday” remain shrouded with intrigue, but what is known is Mackenzie’s name has been immortalised, along with his dog, in the highlands ever since.


The Values and work ethic we see in our humble collie are represented in the writing below.


Values & Work Ethic


Photo Credit: Fraser Gunn

This working farm dog is famous for his intimidating "eye". The Collie has a fixed, hypnotic stare as he crouches low and creeps up on the sheep. One of the most intelligent of all the breeds, the Collie is also one of the most stimulating and rewarding breds to train. It is one of the hardest working dogs thriving on praise.


The Collie has a superior intellect and this combined with his focus and work ethic make for impressive features.

 A Collie is sharp-eyed, quick-thinking and an enthusiastic worker that has been bred for endless miles of sprinting and stop-and-go action. The collie thrives on learning different skills and thrives on demonstrating obedience and agility to ensure they remain at the top of their game. They are always wanting more to do and struggle to slow down if they have not found ways to get rid of their energy.


Being intelligent  does mean they learn very quickly and that includes learning how to do anything they set their minds to. They are quick to master new skills and think of ways to get around a problem.


Teaching a Collie can be frustrating, because they are constantly thinking, analyzing, and reacting to what they see, hear and feel. Collies love getting things right and they will let you know if something is wrong or needs to be fixed up or if someone is not cooperating.

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