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Principals Welcome

"You don't need to teach a child curiosity. Curiosity is innate, you just need to be careful not to quash it.

This is the challenge for the teacher - to foster and guide that curiosity."

Sir Paul Callaghan (1947–2012)

Welcome to Lake Tekapo School and I look forward to working with you and your child. Starting at a  new school is an exciting and sometimes nerve wracking step in your child’s life and we are looking forward to supporting this transition with you.

My job as Principal of Lake Tekapo School is two-fold. It is to teach in the class and to galvanise the learning as Principal, that happens here at our school.  The goal of every school is to create a learning  environment that is engaging, purposeful and motivating,  and with the help and support of the Lake Tekapo Board of Trustees, Staff and children this is our aim. 

When working with you and your child we are very conscious that as parents or caregivers, you have a wealth of information to share with us. We know and respect this. We pride ourselves on having an open door policy with communication between home and school genuinely valued as an important part of your child’s learning. You are invited and encouraged to discuss any issues, queries or concerns informally or at an arranged time with us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to sharing with you what is a hugely important time in your child(ren)’s life. 

Simon Waymouth


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