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Thank you for taking the time to visit Lake Tekapo School's website.

Lake Tekapo School is proud of the way our community values each individual. Staff, Parents and Children work together to ensure all of our learners achieve and succeed within a strong local curriculum - academically, culturally, socially and physically. We use the opportunities that our unique environment offer and the wider community support us by making learning authentic and purposeful for our local children.

While literacy and numeracy provide a strong focus for learning, our school curriculum aims to deliver  a “balance” across the 7 Learning Areas.  This learning is supported by our strong focus on the key competencies and their role in developing what the NZC refer to as  “lifelong learners”.  The skills of Inquiry, curiosity and thinking are at the centre of our teaching and learning programmes and we like to place an emphasis on context rather than content. We wholeheartedly believe if you learn the key competencies to learning you can transfer this to any subject matter.

Lake Tekapo kids are great kids. There are strong expectations from all stakeholders encouraging positive behaviour and in developing a growth mindset to learning.  Our school is a happy and friendly community of learners who strive to do their best.

I invite you to come on in and see for yourself.

Simon Waymouth - Principal

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